10 Ways to Improve your Blog Today! 

Let's break down the complicated side of blogging and unlock the success you deserve!



Most of us started a blog because we loved cooking, baking, creating fun projects, decorating, DIY and more, right?
Who knew we'd have to know all this tech stuff, let alone understand it all in order to be successful. 

Well, I've got your back!

I don't claim to know it all, but I have learned how to make sense of a lot of it in a much easier way that doesn't make your eyes glaze over. 
On some of the more techy stuff, I've recorded my screen to show you exactly what to do. Because, I know written directions do nothing for this creative girl.
YES! I need to improve my blog!

Looks are Everything! 

Does your blog look professional or does it look like a hobby? I'm sharing a whole list of do's and don'ts. 

Understanding Your Stats

Google Analytics can be so confusing. I'll show you what to pay attention to. I also have 2 custom dashboards for easy reporting. 


Understanding & using Ubersuggest for a quick site audit, keywords, finding tops posts, rank and positioning. It's my favorite tool! 

Finding Your Top 10

This is a MUST! I'll show you how I use both Google Analytics and Ubersuggest to find out what's performing well. This is the pulse of your blog.

Low Hanging Fruit

This is one of the fastest ways to get more pageviews. It's all about Rank & Positioning. I'll teach you how find hidden traffic. 

Out with the Old

Google loves it when we update older content. I'll teach you how to improve each post for better performance and how to re-fetch. 

Get Noticed on Pinterest

Pinterest is a top traffic generator for blogs. Going viral on Pinterest is easy with these guidelines and tips. 

Photos & Editing

You don't have to know photoshop for great looking photos. Photos can make or break a blog. 

Videos for Every Post

I'm sharing how I make videos for every post without taking video. Having a video on each post makes google really happy and will boost it's search-ability. 

Collaborate & Mingle

There's more to this than just making friends with other bloggers. Done right, this is a great way to get noticed and increase your reach on many platforms. 

Bonus Goods

Let's build our email list! This is gold! 

I've built mine up to 40,000 after implementing just ONE of the ideas I share. 

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Blogging Success Package!

  • Looks Are Everything $125
  • Understanding Your Stats $197
  • SEO & Keyword Research $197
  • Finding Your Top Ten $125
  • Finding Low Hanging Fruit $125
  • Bonus Goods $197
  • Updating New Content for Success $197
  • Getting Noticed on Pinterest $125
  • Photos & Editing $197
  • Making Videos for Every Post $125
  • Collaborate and Mingle $125

Total Value = $1735

Your Price = $147


YES! I need this!


Kim has been instrumental in growing our blog. She’s helped give clear & easy step by step instructions on how to elevate our blog to the next level of income. Our blog traffic and Pinterest reach continue to grow after implementing many of her suggestions. 
Thank you Kim for making us better




Kim has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to blogging, promoting your content and working smarter, not harder. Even before she launched her course, I looked to her for best practices and advice. Her teaching style is so accessible, and she’s so generous with her knowledge. Even if you’ve been blogging for years, you’ll learn things in Kim’s course that you can implement today to make your blog better and increase your traffic and income.

Atta Girl Says


Kim's generous sharing of information has been such a huge help to me as I've grown my blog. From her no-nonsense approach to focusing on the things that matter (and forgetting those that don't) to her encouragement for me to advocate for myself in partnerships, I've grown so much as a blogger thanks to her. If you're looking for blogging advice that doesn't tell you to do all the things, you're going to love her tips!


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